Tesla Model S, Model X or Model 3 Supercharger Credit Code

Get a rebate on Model 3, S or Model X Using this Tesla referral code. You’re in the process of buying or leasing a Tesla S , X  or Model 3? Get a rebate on your new Tesla using this code. Using the link (Referral code) you will get a Supercharging credit for your Tesla, huge saving on supercharger fees.

Tesla referral code for Model X, Model S and Model 3. Get a rebate on your supercharger fee with this Supercharger referral code.

Tesla discount code

Get a Supercharger access credit for your new Tesla! Use this code at the time of order and get a supercharger access credit. How to get a rebate or discount on a Tesla ? Found out how here using this referral discount code:   https://www.tesla.com/referral/louismartin99687

EV (Electric vehicle) rebates or discount – When buying a 100% electric vehicle from Tesla, get a Supercharger $150,00 credit. Only some vehicle can get this access to Supercharger, such as Model 3, S or X from Tesla. Also, you might be eligible to other discount from the Gouvernement of your province (Canada) or State (USA).

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Tesla referral code program

Use this Tesla referral link for to get a $150 Supercharging credit on Model S, X , Model 3, or a 5-year extended warranty on solar panels.

The details of the referral program are from the Tesla Website

Using my code, you will get :


$150 Supercharging credit

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